Plastic Quickscan

Find out quickly whether your ideas are feasible

Are you in the process of developing a product? If you are, it can be useful to get an answer to the following question at an early stage: can I actually make this out of plastic? And if so, what kind of plastic is best suited to my particular application? What will the mould costs and lead time be for a project like this?

Is my product feasible, what material should I use and what are the costs and lead times?


We know from experience that many product developers puzzle over questions such as these. That is why we have developed the Plastic Quickscan: professional advice from our experts that is free of charge and without any obligation. 

Benefit from direct contact with our experts 

Are you a developer who would like to test the feasibility of your ideas? If so, get one of our experts involved by requesting a Plastic Quickscan. We will put you directly in touch with one of our employees and you will receive a quick answer to your questions – by telephone or e-mail.

What do we need?

A provisional design in the form of a sketch or a pdf file is sufficient. If you already have a 3D pdf or CAD file, it would be useful if you can supply this too. We will also want to know what requirements the product will have to meet. In addition, if you can give us an idea of the expected series size, this will help us identify the right technique. 

Confidentiality guaranteed

All requests that we receive will be handled confidentially. We are also happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you wish.

Questions about the Plastic Quickscan?

We are happy to help!

Managing Director

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Managing Director
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